May 22, 2022

How can You Develop your Psychic Abilities?

Believe it or not, every one of us has psychic abilities. When we were children, we used our intuition to avoid danger and gain information. But as we grew, making decisions based on intuition took a backseat when we learned to depend more on our logical minds. One of the reasons for the underdeveloped intuition of adults must be the education system, which gives more importance to logical reasoning and critical thinking. However, your psychic abilities were never lost; they are just lying dormant. Taping into your intuition is a daily practice. The key to developing and taking advantage of intuition requires you to be in tune with the emotions and senses in your body.

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You can receive information by paying attention to the voices, images, and feelings in your body. People who majorly receive psychic information through voices are called Clairaudient. Remember to note that these messages are never harsh or tormenting – like the ones you receive when you are anxious. But these messages are calm and quiet, like an inner knowing – which is why it is easier to ignore them. In fact, one of the difficult things for Clairaudient people is recognizing which one is your intuition and which is not. Clairaudient messages arrive suddenly – a calm and soft voice always characterizes it. People who receive psychic information majorly through images are called Clairvoyant. Sometimes, clairvoyant messages are difficult to interpret as they are almost always received in symbolic messages. These symbolic messages are received as metaphors and might be significant to the receiver, but others might not derive an accurate reading from them. Clairsentience is the most common psychic trait in humans – also called gut feeling. If you are clairsentient, you might know to read a room, pick up emotions of others, etc. When you start your journey with intuition, it might be difficult for you to separate the different feelings from the clairsentient messages.

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One way to practice your intuitive abilities is to try to read the room. Position yourself in the center of the room and scan it. Notice the sights, sounds, and feelings in your body and mind when you pay attention to different parts of the room. Think about which areas of the room are more inviting and which areas are not. When you practice this, you will begin to notice the subtle changes in the energies of a room. Another practice is to start reading random people on the street. Look at a person, and ask your subconscious about what it knows about them. You might get flashes of images or voices, which is your intuition speaking to you. When you attach less significance to the results, your intuition speaks more clearly and accurately. Another practice to incorporate is to assign a color to your emotions. Start by assigning colors to your own life experiences and memories. Over time, these colors become synonymous with feelings and will later reveal more information about the person you are communicating with.

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