SMRT CEO, Ms Saw Phaik Hwa Must Resign to Take Responsibility!

This petition was created a few months ago because Ms Saw and her team had been proven to be incapable of managing SMRT. Again, Ms Saw and her team have shown that they lack the ability to manage not only the company and worse – any emergency situation.

An apology that 127,000 were stuck in trains for hours while she was probably trying to manage the situation in the comforts of her own home or nice office is not good enough an act. MRT riders are not just SMRT’s income generating commuters; they are also hardworking people who have entrusted their ride home to the company and its management.

As I write, there is apparently another breakdown today. Hear this Ms Saw “YOUR RESIGNATION IS NECESSARY!” Be responsibile and resign.

I also urge those affected to band together and consider taking legal action against SMRT and demand for compensation. A few hours of suffering is no joke and we should be actively demanding for the company to take responsibility.


We are unhappy that a security breach has happened again. This time at at the Bishan MRT Depot. It was already surprising that SMRT was not aware of the first security breach until members of the public pointed out the vandalised carriages. This second breach proves that the current CEO, Ms Saw Phaik Hwa, has not been discharging her duty as SMRT�s CEO.

Ms Saw is so far lucky that the two breaches had not been acts of terror. If they were, the results of the breaches would not simply be vandalised carriages but loss of lives. Yet, she has only started to take this seriously after the second breach. Her recent statement �we cannot have another incident� should have been said and done since the first breach!

We are already unhappy with SMRT�s consistent request to increase fares to maintain their profitability. If Ms Saw is only able to maintain profit through fare hikes and at the same time is unable to ensure the safety of their trains and the lives of the commuters, then she is the wrong person for the job as CEO of SMRT.

We are therefore petitioning for her immediate resignation to take responsibility for the matter. We also urge her to continue to be involved in the investigation and undertake any further responsibility needed for the security breach