Justice for Mughees and Muneeb and the youth of Pakistan

Chief justice Supreme Court of Pakistan – Mr. justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary
President Islamic Republic of Pakistan – Mr Asif Ali Zardari
Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan – Mr. Yousuf Raza Gillani
Minister for Interior – Senator Rehman Malik
Governer Punjab – Mr Salman Taseer
Chief Minster Punjab – Mr. Shahbaz Shareef


You all owe us, you owe us big time. We are the youth of Pakistan that was out on streets fighting for you, with you for justice and democracy. We trusted you Mr Iftihar Chaudhary, we believed an independent judiciary was synonymous with you. We believed on you all the elected representatives for democracy and rule of law. We believed we would see prompt action taken against the thugs and enemies of Pakistan. We know you do the best that you can, but it is time you paid US back for our efforts. It is time you proved to us that the corrupt, sick-minded, part-of-angry-mob police officers will go to jail for what they did to us and for a very long time.

Yes, those innocent young brothers that were brutally tortured for hours in front of a bloodthirsty mob were us; the youth. Is this the law that protects us? Are these law enforcement agencies our protectors or just twisted, illiterate, miserable excuses that not only fail to stop an angry �mob� but take part in the killing of defenseless youth? Killing of us? We�re sorry but this is not what we bargained for. When we supported you all we believed in justice, democracy and rule of law, today you give us no reason to do so. When we supported you we believed in light, today after the murders darkness prevails.

Tell me all you honourable gentlemen, was it not the power of youth that got you where you are today? And tell me, will you not be answerable to God on the Day of Judgment? Do you not know that justice in Islam and in the so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan holds you accountable? You can still fix it; well not really fix it since you cannot bring back to life the two innocent lives that were taken brutally. No, but you can set an example. You know and we know that our murderers� faces are on videotape. You know and we know where to find them. You know the Police officers involved in the case and so do we. If you don�t stand up for us now, if you don�t give us back the hope for justice, if you fail us right now, we will hold you accountable in front of God. Do you think you�re ready for that? We want our murderers, each and every one of them to be punished. We want every Police Officer involved to be punished. We want every one who could�ve prevented and taken control of this mob-attack to be an outcast for life. We want action taken and we WILL NOT STOP until you or God does it for us.