February 2, 2022

Movies and TV shows about Mediums and Psychics

Long Island Medium:

Long Island Medium is one of the most popular shows about mediums and psychic ability. The show stars Theresa Caputo, who is incredibly gifted with her ability to connect with passed loved ones. She is quite popular for her ability to connect the living with the deceased. The TLC network hosts the American reality television show, and much of the program takes place in New York. The show is extremely popular, and TLC has produced 14 seasons. Long Island Medium aired for almost eight years between 2011 and 2019.

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry is a popular show about mediums and clairvoyance. The show stars Tyler Henry, who has been gifted with clairvoyance and psychic abilities since he was only ten years old. Tyler Henry has worked with notable clients such as Bella Thorne, Megan Fox, Jamie Pressly, and Nicole Polizzi. The first episode was released in 2016, and Tyler was only 19 years old when he started working on the show. The show was discontinued after just four seasons in 2019; however, he gained huge recognition and popularity from his work with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. You can follow his work on the new Netflix show ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry.’

Seatbelt Psychic:

Seatbelt Psychic brings a unique twist to the psychic medium shows. In the popular show, clients share a ride with the psychic. The show starred Thomas John, who is a world-renowned medium. He has worked with many celebrities and famous personalities in the past, leading to the show’s huge fame and popularity. The psychic abilities of Thomas John began at the young age of 4 years when he received an experience regarding his deceased grandfather. The show lasted only for a season and was released in 2018. You can also follow his work on the 2020 show ‘The Thomas John Experience.’

Seatbelt Psychic:

Psychic Kids:

Children, indeed, tend to have stronger psychic abilities. By the time we reach adulthood, we have learned all the laws of the land and have drifted away from our instincts. Children are often said to have imaginary friends and experiences that are nothing short of paranormal. Psychic Kids is a television reality show in which innately talented psychic kids are connected with mediums or clairvoyant people to help cultivate their gifts. The show was released in 2008 and ran for three seasons till 2010.

Pet Psychic:

We have all lost those pets who were once very close to us and were regarded as one of our family members. The show Pet Psychic stars Sonya Fitzpatrick, who is telepathically gifted to communicate with animals. Pet Psychic is an incredible show for people who have lost their pets and are looking for answers. The show was first aired in 2002 and lasted for four seasons until 2004.


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